R Framework for component-wise boosting.


Tuning support for mlr3.


Distributed ROC analysis with DataSHIELD.

Talks and Posts

24. March 2023

Disputation of my of my dissertation "modern approaches for component-wise boosting".

18. December 2022

Talk about making component-wise boosting more efficient.

12. July 2022

Talk about model transportability and privacy protection at the 31st International Biometric Conference.

14. March 2021

Talk about distributed calculation of the AUC at the 67th Biometric Colloquium.

12. July 2019

UseR! talk about compboost.

29. November 2018

Talk about compboost at the Applied R Meetup.

10. July 2018

Talk about compboost at Statistical Computing 2018 at Reisensburg Castle.

3. July 2018

Beginner mlr workshop at the whyR conference in Wroclaw.

19. December 2017

Rcpp Gallery article about custom printer methods for exposed C++ classes.

13. December 2017

Article about our win of the Munich Re Datathon.

18. October 2017

Blog post about our win of the TEF Data Challenge hosted by Telefonica.


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